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Air purger

Air purgerImproving the energy efficiency of ammonia, hydrocarbon and freon systems by reducing the condensing pressure

Quiet often the air enters the system during the operation of an industrial refrigeration unit. This greatly deteriorates the heat exchange and lowers the efficiency of the condenser, increases consumption of energy, lubricants and spare parts.

COOLTECH offers to solve this problem by means of installing an air purger to both new and existing refrigeration units.

Also COOLTECH PLC has developed a new high-performance air purger AP2, enabling removal of non-condensing gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, methane etc. from the refrigeration plants.  The AP2 Air purger is primarily meant for high capacity refrigeration plants and/or refrigeration plants with high refrigerant capacity. It’s also can be used for refrigeration plants operated on hydrocarbon gases, ammonia warehouses.
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Air purger
Air purger
Air purger
Air purger
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