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Digital controllers

Controller UNISAB III

Integrated systems controller for refrigeration compressors, chillers and heat pumps.
Unisab III systems controllers are connectivity hubs that help make sure refrigeration installations have the best possible performance, maximum uptime and lowest possible operating costs.

Контроллер Sabroe Unisab III

See details at our website in the section  unisab 3.

Контроллер COOLTECHController CTSCC-50

  • Suction pressure, discharge pressure or process temperature control.
  • Automatic control of motor, slide, pump, economizer and oil heater
  • Multi-compressor operation on same suction line
  • Simple button operation of easily read LED display panel
See details at our website in the section CTSCC-50.

Controller Vission 20/20

Vission 20/20 controllers are designed to control refrigeration units based on single rotor VILTER compressors.
  • Reliable operation
  • Enhanced communications
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and expandable
Controller Vission 20/20
Controller Vission 20/20

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