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Oil separator COOLTECHCOOLTECH FINLAND OY is manufacturing oil separators for compressor units and chillers at its production facilities since 2010, but only in the end of 2013 we are ready to offer oil separators as an independent product for our customers' use in any refrigeration systems.
We believe that oil separator is the most important element of the compressor unit and that work of the whole refrigeration system fully depends on its proper calculation and design. Installation of an 'undersized' oil separator leads to increased entrainment of oil into the system, reducing the efficiency of evaporators, oiling, or in case of circulation circuits to the settling of oil in the circulation receiver. Improper design of the oil separator leads to failure of the compressor unit or its unstable operation. 
The last years have shown that even well-known big manufacturers of compressor units and chiller units trying to save money simplify their design of oil separators and reduce their size. 
Oil separator COOLTECH
In some cases it can lead to disastrous consequences for the whole refrigerati on system.

COOLTECH produces oil separators of vertical (V Series) and horizontal (Series H) design with the shell diameter from 500 to 1400 mm. 4 stages of oil separation (including the coalescer) guarantee stable high degree of oil separation (less than 10 ppm). 
Oil separator COOLTECH
COOLTECH oil separators are equipped with all the necessary shut-off and safety valves, level sensors, sight glasses, electrical heater for oil heating etc. The oil separator can be partially dismantled on request. The oil separator is supplied with the passport of the pressure vessel (operating in accordance with the safety regulations). There is also a variety of optional types of tests and inspections. Upon request the oil separator can be produced in any color.

The delivery terms are of 2-6 weeks depending on the current scope of work at the production plants.
To select a suitable oil separator we need: flow characteristics, temperature and type of refrigerant or the compressor(s) calculation list. 
Oil separator Cooltech 
Oil separator Cooltech
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