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Compressor ammonia storage unit Sabroe CMO-38
With its own manufacturing capabilities COOLTECH FINLAND OY produces a wide range of cooling units, such as: We are also glad to offer different services as repairing and renovation of broken or outdated units, and change of an operating mode of compressor units.

COOLTECH is positioned in the field of industrial refrigeration therefore the majority of compressorRefrigeration units Cooltech units and chillers are constructed on the basis of shaft-seal open compressors (compressor blocks), having completely steel realization (a steel frame, steel pipes and steel valves). Such engineering decision is connected with usage of big diameters pipelines in refrigeration units, and also that compressor units are used in ammoniac refrigerating systems.

This open-type architecture of refrigerant compressor unit allows to achieve:
  • 100% of maintainability (all services can be carried out directly at site)
  • exclusive durability of the refrigerating unit (life-time is 15 - 20 years and more);
  • the low cost of operation (rare procedures of service allow to save on spare parts and the service personnel);
  • 30% economy of the electric power in comparison with semi-Hermetic compressor units.Compressor ammonia storage unit Sabroe CMO-38
COOLTECH provides customers with all necessary.

All constructive decisions applied in refrigerating compressor units, chillers and circulating pumping stations, are standardized and provided with specialized software. The standard design solution used in COOLTECH products are high efficient and reliable.
COOLTECH refrigeration units are consisted of only high-quality components. As ammoniac or freon pumps in pump and circulating stations uses one of the best German-made refrigeration pumps Hermetic-Pumpen, those pumps are wear resistant,  highly reliable and durable.

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