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Холодильные компрессорные агрегаты Cooltech

COOLTECH  is a manufacturer of screw compressor units based on original industrial screw compressors produced by leading European manufacturers for operation with halocarbons as well as ammonia and propane.

A distinctive feature of these units is their exceptional reliability that meets the highest requirements, low operating costs, safety and little impact on the environment.

COOLTECH compressor units lifetime is about 15-20 years, besides they have some advantages.

  • Adapted for use of ammonia, propane, R404a, R134a, R507,  R22, etc as refrigerants;
  • Modern shape of rotors provide sufficient operation. Rotors with different length and diameter ratio are available;
  • Rigid compressor housing made of cast iron  provides low vibration level;
  • Application of roller bearings. Unique combination of bearings increases compressor reliability and reduces friction loss to minimum;
  • Stepless capacity control from 10 to 100%. Manual or automatic Vi control. Variable Vi control provides the most sufficient power consumption;
  • High-performance horizontal oil separator with high efficiency of separation. Absence of oil pump in more than 90% of compressor units;
  • Microprocessor controller wired to sensors, transmitters and solenoid valves for compressor protection, monitoring and capacity control. Full range of automation devices enables protection of the compressors from any emergency conditions;
  • Easy maintenance. Detachable faceplates provide easy access to components of compressor.
At the present time COOLTECH FINLAND OY offers the ammonia or HFC-operated compressor units with the evaporating capacity up to 2000 kW (up to  5000  kW  for  DUO  PACK) (at To/Tk = -34°С/ +35°С) and the swept volume from 293 up to 10510 m3/hr (586 to 15840 m3/hr for DUO PACK).

А series  of  compressor  units  DUO PACK  based  on  two  screw  compressors  ensuring higher reliability through the use of skid mounted single oil separator, conomizer, oil pump, filter and oil cooler. DUO PACK found wide application in those places where optimization of «cost - effectiveness - dimensions» criteria is needed.

The term of manufacturing depends on the specific order and averages generally 14-18 weeks.

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Compressor unitCompressor unit
Compressor unit of ammonia storage
Compressor unit of ammonia storage
Compressor unit of ammonia storage
Compressor units
Compressor units
Propane (R290) explosion-proof industrial refrigeration unit with cooling capacity of 600 kW for gas cooling with an emergency receiver of underground type. Open air usage
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